About Tina Marie

  • Tina Marie Purves has created an elegant, modern jewelry brand.  Her passion for jewelry making is inspired by rare earth gemstones, nature and art.  She has developed a distinct approach to include beautiful layering pieces for everyday wear.  As well as custom bespoke heirlooms for bridal and redesign of family treasures.  Her designs are all hand wrought using gold and silver in her Boca Raton, Florida artisan studio.
  • Tina Marie was born and raised in upstate New York.  A free spirit she has traveled and lived respectively in Newport Beach California, Tucson Arizona, Cape Elizabeth Maine and now calls home the Palm Beaches of Florida.  She has over two decades of jewelry desighn  experience offering her fine crafted art wherever she goes.  Finding her teachers throughout the years she is self taught.  The cornerstone of her line is innovation and refined skilled techniques.  As full owner and CEO of Tina Marie Co. she is environmentally responsible using only ethically sourced gems and recycled precious metals.  
  • Visit Tina Marie at her Boca showroom or at one of the many fine art festivals she participates in throughout the year.